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1. Guide to learning

  • MICE Classroom allows students to check course categories, progress rate (%) and test scores after class.
  • Students must take classes in order of basic, intermediate and assessment. Students must also complete the course 100% before moving on to the next course.
  • In assessment courses, students must submit assignments and score 80 points (out of 100 points) or higher to complete the course.

2. Guide to 3-Step Educational Process

  • 1) Basic Course
  • The basic course consists of the following 3 chapters.
    - 1 Chapt. : Overview of Korea
    - 2 Chapt. : Transportation and Accommodation
    - 3 Chapt. : Shopping and Food
  • 2) Intermediate Course
  • The intermediate course consists of the following 5 chapters.
    - 1 Chapt. : Overview of MICE Industry in Korea
    - 2 Chapt. : Regional MICE Infrastructure(1)
    - 3 Chapt. : Regional MICE Infrastructure(2)
    - 4 Chapt. : Unique Venue
    - 5 Chapt. : Experience Programs
  • 3) Assessment courses
  • In assessment courses, students take a multiple choice question test and score 80 points (out of 100 points) or higher to complete the course
  • The requirements for assessment course are as follows.

3. Guide to Submitting Assignments

  • 1) Requirements for submitting assignments
  • 200 or more words from the answer sheet of multiple choice questions submitted
  • Students can upload MS Word document files
  • If the score for the assignment falls below 80 points, students can make one additional submission.
    (Additional submission is allowed within 10 days of being approved for additional submission)
  • If students cannot complete the course due to low scores on assignments, students must restart the program starting from the elementary course to take tests again.
  • 2) Deadline for submitting assignments
  • Students must submit their assignments within 7 days of clicking "Start Assessment courses".
  • Click on the "Save assignments temporarily" button to save assignments temporarily.
  • Click on the "Submit assignment" button to proceed with evaluation. You cannot resubmit assignments after this.
    (However, students are allowed to resubmit assignments after scores on assignments are published)
  • 3) Conditions for assignments being rejected
  • When answers are markedly deficient in amount
  • When a student quoted excessively from other sources or the opinions and thoughts of a student are not reflected at all
  • When the submitted answers are completely different from the theme of the assignment
  • The rejection of assignments will be notified via e-mail. Students may be requested to submit assignments again.
  • 4) Verifying scores on assignments
  • The scores on the assignments submitted can be verified within up to 10 days
  • You can check your scores in the "Test Scores" in the assignment submission screen after the scoring has been completed.

4. Guide to printing certificate

  • 1) When printing certificate becomes possible
  • When the scores are 80 points or higher and the certification status is "Pass" after assignment submission, the certificate print output menu becomes activated to "Print".
  • 2) Printing certificate in waiting status
  • If the certification status is "Incomplete" during scoring process after assignment submission, the certificate print output menu is not active.